GAT SMART.Lock 7001

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Centrally operated locker lock

The GAT SMART.Lock 7xxx is the ideal solution for the convenient electronic locking of lockers in various areas of the industry, logistics, organisation, and training. The GAT SMART.Lock 7xxx is suitable for any type of material (wood, HPL, solid plastic, glass, and sheet metal) and can be used for left- and righthinged doors alike. The narrow design also enables its installation in the side wall of a closet.

  • Durable, Robust Locking Mechanism: Made to withstand heavy force and extreme weather conditions, the lock is highly secure and vandalism-proof.
  • Wide Range of Use Cases: Appropriate for numerous applications including depot boxes, ski depots, logistics.
  • Modular: Custom applications are possible thanks to easy integration with 3rd party hard- and software components and compatibility with multi-technology readers.
  • Central Operation: User Identification and control is achieved via a central terminal


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