GDL7m. Innovative, Radio-Controlled Mortise Lock

Innovative, radio-controlled mortise lock without wiring in the door.

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Innovative, Radio-Controlled Mortise Lock

Full design freedom in the choice of handles and fittings
No wiring of the door required
Maintenance-free, battery-free operation possible through inductive energy transfer
Combination with a variety of RFID readers possible
All common dimensions for easy retrofitting
Full-leaf, tubular-frame, and glass door variants available
20 mm whisper-quiet latchbolt with automatic self-locking and tamper-proof actuation
Mechanical emergency opening via cylinder possible at any time
EN 1634, EN 179, EN 1125, EN 14846 certifications

The GDL7m is the first mortise lock that integrates seamlessly into a GANTNER online access control system without any cabling and thus requiring no conversion work. In addition, the innovative high-tech lock offers similar functionality to a wired push-handle lock, such as the possibility of remote opening or independent locking when closing the door. And best of all, batteries are completely eliminated thanks to the optional inductive energy transfer, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also enormously cost-efficient since no maintenance is required.
The GDL7m is conveniently controlled by means of the GANTNER access control reader, which reads the existing employee and visitor ID cards. Depending on the security requirement, the reader can be supplemented with a PIN-code keypad or a fingerprint reader. The signal transmission to the GDL7m takes place via radio frequency. The pairing between reader and GDL7m is simultaneously simple and secure. An installation-specific ID card and a mechanical key are required for the establishment of the AES encrypted communication. After that, the communication between reader and lock is secure and reliable.

ATTENTION -> This lock is available in over 600 different variants. In order to create a suitable offer, the doors and locks must be measured.




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